Some frequently asked questions of Melton Bushwalkers:

Q. Is bushwalking hard?

A. Only if you select a walk that is graded harder than your physical ability. Therefore, it is wise to start with an easy graded walk and progress up to a level that you are comfortable with.

Q. Are you expected to attend as many walks as possible?

A. No. You are free to attend whenever you want to. Some members only show up a few times a year. We all have lives outside of bushwalking.

Q. Will you be able to keep up with the group?

A. People tend to walk at different speeds depending on health and fitness. However, the walk leader keeps control of the group, and slower walkers will have an experienced member walking with them. We look after all members. We start the walk together and we finish the walk together.

Q. Will you get lost?

A. We sometimes make a wrong turn, but we are never lost. We always work out any problems. We have experienced leaders/navigators equipped with maps and compasses. Some leaders have GPS as back-up. When considered necessary, the planned walk will be surveyed in advance.

Q. Are snakes a problem?

A. It is a rare event to encounter a snake; and should it happen, the snake usually slithers away. If not, then we will "slither" away. We have never had a problem.

Q. What about blisters?

A. With suitable socks and comfortable fitting walking boots, you are unlikely to get blisters. One tried and tested solution is to wear one pair of thin socks with a thicker pair over the top to minimise friction.

Q. Are toilets always available?

A. Some walks have flush toilets at the parking area and/or during the walk. Some walks have bush toilets and some walks have no toilets, and the only option is to go bush.

Q. is the intention to finish the walk as quickly as possible?

A. Certainly not. It is about enjoying the day, the views, the fresh air and the company of other members.

Q. Are first aiders on the walk?

A, We have a number of first aiders in our club, so there is generally one or more on each walk. First aiders carry First Aid Kits and some of our other members also carry basic first aid requirements. We don't anticipate accidents, but it is sensible to be prepared. All members are encouraged to carry their own first aid kits and not depend on others.

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