By participating in our bushwalking activities, you could be exposed to risks that may lead to injury, illness, death or loss of or damage to your property.

These risks include but are not limited to:

               -   snake or insect bites;

               -   walking over or through rough ground, loose stones or rocks, scrub, fallen branches or other obstacles, slippery surfaces and creek crossings.

               -   encountering cold or hot weather leading to hypothermia or heatstroke; and being in locations where evacuation or medical treatment could be many hours away.

To minimize these risks, you need to endeavour to ensure that:

               -   Activities in which you participate are within your capabilities.

               -   You carry food, water and equipment appropriate for the activity.

               -   You advise the activity leader of any medication or physical or other limitation that might adversely affect your participation in the activity.

               -   You make every effort to remain with the rest of the group during the activity.

               -   You comply with all reasonable instructions of the activity leader and club officers.


Before you walk with us, you will need to agree that you have read and understood the above risks and requirements, will fully comply with the requirements and will take full responsibility for your own actions during the activity.

To participate in our club activities you also need to provide the club with emergency contact details and details of health and medical conditions that may be relevant. You are also required to carry this information with you on club activities.

Refer to the Bushwalking Victoria website ( for information regarding safety issues when bushwalking.

















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