YOUR FIRST WALK;: As a new member, you will be required to take an easy, easy/medium or medium grade walk with us. This will allow you and the walk leader to assess your fitness level. If you find you can handle these grades of walks without too much effort, you can progress to harder walks if you wish to.



From the 'Activities Program', found on the 'HOME' page, select a walk that is graded Easy, Easy/Medium or Medium. As this will be your first walk with us, you will need to contact the applicable walk leader for the chosen walk. This is quite easy to do.

Go to the 'CONTACT US' page and send us an email as instructed. The email will go to our secretary. Tell the secretary which walk you want to go on, and ask for the walk leader's phone number. 

If you do go on a walk with us, you will be required to complete Membership Application Forms.


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP COSTS: From 1 july 2017. Adults 65 and over: $30.

Adults 18 to 64: $35.                     Family, two adults and their children: $60. (Children no charge, but must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or mature responsible adult)

Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year. New members joining from 1 January to 30 June need only pay half the required fee, which will expire on 30 June when full membership for the next 12 months is required if continuing membership. 

New members have the option of paying by installments as follows: $5 on the first walk attended, $5 on the second walk attended, and the balance on the third walk attended. This allows new members to drop out for whatever reason after the first or second walk without having to pay any further fees. Should the second or third walk be taken after the start of the new financial year on 1 July, any outstanding fees must be paid as well as full membership for the new financial year.


ADDITIONAL FEE:  On every day walk attended, a donation of $2 is to be paid into our piggy bank. This helps with club BBQ,s and administration costs. This fee is not required on any of our weekend away trips.


CLOTHING: Dress for the season and take suitable clothing for weather changes. Runners are suitable for beach walks and most easy walks , but for most other walks proper hiking boots with ankle support and a good tread are essential. Some members wear two pairs of socks to minimise getting blisters. Thongs and sandals are prohibited.  


FOOD AND WATER: We usually stop for morning tea and a lunch break, so pack sufficient food. Always carry plenty of water, especially on hot days.


FIRE BAN DAYS: Walks are automatically cancelled on total fire ban days.


DOGS:  Please note that dogs are not allowed on our walks.






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