Following is information to help you decide if bushwalking is for you.

The best way to decide is to take a walk with us. Hopefully it will open a new door in your life; one that gives you much enjoyment, improved health and new friends.

WALKS IN OUR ACTIVITIES PROGRAM: Some grades and distances are estimates only, or have been taken from published information. Walks are graded mainly on the terrain encountered, not the distance. The walk leader grades the walk based on his/her assessment. Some people will find the walk harder than what it is graded; It all depends on your fitness level and expectations. It is your responsibility to decide if you are fit enough to attend the published walk, taking into consideration the grade and distance of the walk. Most new members and current members, find the hills the hardest part of bushwalking, so it is sensible to start with easier grade walks or a medium grade walk that is about 10 km or less.



EASY:  Flat or undulating terrain, usually on track. Moderate fitness required.                                         

MEDIUM:  Hilly terrain and possibly some off-track sections. A good fitness level required.                      

HARD:  Possible scenarios: Steep hills, rough terrain, creeks, off-track sections and long distances. A very good fitness level required, plus a positive attitude and a sense of humour.

Marysville Jun 2008 

Marysville June 2008 

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